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Here you will find important safety information which the club wants to share with you so keep checking from time to time to make sure that you stay up to date.

Club Safety Policy

We want everyone who rows with us to not only enjoy the sport but to enjoy it safely. To that end, Eton Excelsior Rowing Club has a zero tolerance for anyone being harmed as a result of our members’ and our guests’ participation in the sport. We will strive to provide an environment in which the sport we love can be practiced safely and enjoyably by our members and rowing guests. We believe that harmful incidents can be avoided and we will guide and lead our members in a way that fulfils these aims.


British Rowing is our sport’s national governing body. It publishes Rowsafe which provides safety advice to rowers, clubs, events and everyone else associated with the sport of rowing. It provides the safety guidance which we follow. It’s free to download and we urge you to get your own copy and have a read!

Visibility Policy

British Rowing is concerned about the number of collisions between boats on the water and the damage caused to people and equipment. It has issued a Safety Alert which advises rowers to wear high-visibility clothing to make them conspicuous on the water. EERC has approved its own Visibility Policy which must be followed by everyone who rows with us. Download your own copy and please read it so that you know what hi-vi kit the club expects you to wear.

Safety Officer

Fiona Jones is the club’s Safety Advisor