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Membership Fees for 2020/21 Season

Fees for the year commencing 1st October

Please see the updated membership rates for the new season. There is a discount on adult subscriptions received in full before 31st October


£ 288-540 /Annual
For Juniors looking to row
  • Age 12-13 - £288 annual fee
  • Age 14 - £480 annual fee
  • Age 15 plus Junior Dev Squad - £420 annual fee
  • Age 15 plus Junior Competiton Squad - £540 annual fee
  • Monthly payment option available
  • Discount for families
  • Excludes competion entiry fees

Full Adult

£ 510 /Annual
For adults looking to row, be a regular member of a squad and compete
  • £468 if full annual fee paid by 31-Oct
  • Monthly payment option £42.50/mth
  • Discounts if you also coach
  • Discount for families
  • Excludes competion entiry fees


£ 420 /Annual
For full time students
  • £385 if full annual fee paid by 31-Oct
  • Monthly payment option £35/month
  • Discounts for families
  • Excludes competion entiry fees

Membership Enquiries

For Learn to Row or membership enquiries please contact Membership Secretary

Fee table for 2020/2021

Membership Category Base fees if paid Monthly if received before 31-October
Full Adult£510 £42.50 £468
Student£420 £35 £385
Junior Age 12-13£288 £24 £288
Junior Age 14 £480 £40 £480
Junior Dev Squad Age 15 Plus £420 £35 £420
Junior Competition Squad Age 15 Plus £540 £45 £540
Coach (rowing) £300 £25 £300
Cox £75 £75
Coach (non-rowing) No fee
Social/Country member £85 £85
1 month trial (new members only) £75    
Boat Racking Fees Base fees if paid Monthly
Rack inside £240 £20
Rack inside (top) £200 £16.67
Rack outside £180 £15
Other rates (optional) Base fee
Locker (if available)£20
Deposit for Club keys/swipe card£15
100 Club (Annual subscription)£60


  1. Only full members may apply to rack a boat
  2. VPs must pay the appropriate fees if racking a boat (membership and racking fees)
  3. Family fees - juniors - first one pays full fee (highest) and subsequent pay 80% (excluding racking)
  4. You must be a member to use club house equipment
  5. Casual - no racing, full members get boat preferences, rowing outside of core hours
  6. Coaching (Coach Rowing) rate is available if commit to 40 coaching days (dates at club request) - by Authorisation of Committee
  7. Coaches must be members of British Rowing
  8. Country member must live over 70 miles from the club (e.g. Student)
  9. Fees unpaid by 30 November; members will be expected to pay a surcharge of £20 per month for each unpaid month
  10. Members cannot leave and join during a year - fees remain payable as though they were a member for the whole year
  11. People joining after 31 March will be expected to pay a monthly fee of £55
  12. £100 of junior fees will go to cover coaching costs for junior squad
  13. Members who rejoin in the year following their last membership payment will be expected to pay full annual fees unless approved by the committee
  14. Juniors age is determined by the age on 1st Nov. All juniors are under 18 and in the formal programme run by the junior coach

Membership Forms

All members are required to complete an online Adult Membership Form or Junior Membership Form. Completed membership forms will go to the Membership Secretary at the EERC Boathouse.

Please accompany this with the associated fees, one off payments can be paid directly by bank transfer in to the club account (use your name as reference):

    EERC Bank Account
  • Sort code: 20-97-09
  • Account number: 60361046
  • Reference: use your SURNAME

For monthly payments we have the convenience of a direct debit, please fill out your details here using the online direct debit form.

Please take the opportunity to join the 100 club when securing your membership – not only is it a chance for you to win spectacular prizes but it helps the club with fund raising (only £5 per month!).

Please address any queries to the Membership Secretary.

What other costs are there?


As with any sport, you can buy as little or as much specialist rowing clothing as you like. A full range of clothing in the club's colours is available from our kit shop. You need a club 'all-in-one' to race for the club.

British Rowing Membership

To compete in most Heads and Regattas you need to be a member of British Rowing

Regatta/Head Race Entry Fees

You will need to pay to enter races plus a small contribution towards fuel and vehicle maintenance for transporting the boats to the event.


If you take the step of buying your own scull you will need to rent rack space in or outside the boat house. The annual cost varies depending upon location (see membership rates above). Racking is allocated by the Captain where all enquiries should be directed.