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Learn to Row

Give it a go, start to row! Complete beginner? No problem! Sign up to one of our adult Learn to Row courses today!

Learn to Row Enquiries

For Adult Learn to Row enquiries please contact the LTR Manager. If you wish to Enrol please complete the Learn to Row Registration Form. For Junior LTR enquiries please see the Junior pages

Why row?

It's great fun and a sociable way to be healthy!

Muscle workout

Rowing works many of the body's major muscle groups, it's a non-impact sport so is kind to the knees and ankles making it ideal for all ages

Stress busting

A calm early morning outing on the water combined with the rhythmic activity of oars dipping in and out of the water has great impact on reducing stress

Body posture

Rowing stabilises the body and improves posture by engaging the body’s core muscles - this may help people suffering with back problems

Calorie burner

Rowing is aerobic which can burn a serious number of calories and achieve a good balance of body fat and muscle


It’s great for cardio-respiratory fitness; enhancing lung capacity to provide oxygen to the blood, heart and the rest of the body, reducing the risk of heart disease

Rowing is social

It's the ultimate team sport

Everybody's welcome

Eton Excelsior is a very friendly club where you will feel welcome regardless of your age, ability or how much you want to achieve in the sport

Work together, gain together

Rowing is the ultimate team sport; everyone in a boat needs to pull together - literally

Get out and meet

You’ll meet people and make new friends. Team sports build special bonds between the individuals who take part, it’s not just about rowing - we have social events and group training sessions

Great location

We row on a beautiful, non-tidal stretch of the river Thames, very close to Windsor. You’ll be rowing with one of the oldest clubs in the country with a great heritage. You can enjoy 5km of uninterrupted rowing in one of the best locations in the Thames Valley!